Conversion Optimisation

Need customers, not just visitors?

Conversion Optimisation Services from SearchCatalyst

There comes a point in every business’ life when its website’s performance becomes incredibly influential. At some point your visitors have to convert into customers. If you want to improve your business’ performance, increase online sales and grow, you’ll need to develop your website’s usability, functionality and buying process then conversion rate optimisation is for you.

In short, you need effective SME Conversion Optimisation Services!

SearchCatalyst understands the importance of conversion optimisation. For that reason, we offer two different types of conversion optimisation services, so no matter how great or small your conversion needs are, Search Catalyst have got your business covered.

In all of SearchCatalyst’s packages we use analytics tools to identify areas for conversion development, test, measure and then use this data to improve the flow from visit to purchase.

Need fast results? Try our One-off conversion service:

This is a One-Off Comprehensive audit of your business’ website along with recommendations.

  • Great for start up and smaller businesses
  • Great for understanding your current position and area for improvement.

Looking out for your business’ future? Try our Long-term conversion service:

A Long-Term association (3-6 months) with analytics funnels set up, implementation of optimisation tools and review of visitor experience.

Both conversion optimisation options involve NVAF: Navigation, Visual Appearance, Functionality and Trustworthiness.

  • Great for larger businesses
  • Great for growth and longevity

How do we work?

Initial audit

Before beginning your business’ conversion optimisation project, SearchCatalyst will conduct an initial audit of your website that takes into account user testing and analysis (all in line with NVFT.) Such factors due for auditing are: your website’s buying process, paths to conversion, bounce rates and traffic engagement.

SearchCatalyst also considers your website’s template and conversion path browser testing within the initial audit. This involves auditing across the most common browsers – IE6+, Mozilla, Safari, Opera, Chrome – and also Mobile Web.


SearchCatalyst ensures that your business’ core goals are met by offering first class consultancy on a range of topics and factors. Whether you need advice on conversion rates, lead generation and other key metrics, Search Catalyst aim to put your website in the best possible position.


True to our word, SearchCatalyst is incredibly results focused. With transparent methodologies and a host of monthly deliverables, you won’t be disappointed.

Each month we aim to; 1) give an insight a week with recommendation and deploy if appropriate, 2) hypothesise, configure and deploy two core experiments each month, 3) record and report on the impact of each optimisation – both positive and negative – and, 4) ensure accurate delivery and implementation of recommendations and successful experiments.