Ecommerce Site Package

This package is tailored towards merchants and small businesses that want to sell their products and services online.

Included Description
Templates Up to 8 templates for your website structure and page layout.
Number of site pages Unlimited number of pages.
Accepts online payments This package offers an online transaction services set up so that you can sell your products or services online
Content management system (CMS) You will be completely in control of your website’s content and images, allowing you to modify or add anything you like, whenever you like.
Design A choice from over 700 website themes to accommodate your brand's style and identity.
Domain name A free domain name of your choice, registered in your name or business name - subject to availability.
Contact form A contact form on your website that sends you an automated email with your customer enquiries.
Email addresses Up to 5 email addresses registered to your domain name - for example
Hosting Free website hosting for 1 year.
Site architecture optimisation We optimise the structure of your website to ensure that all pages are easily accessible by search engines.
Keyword analysis and optimisation of content and titles To ensure your site is SEO friendly (it is visible to search engines and appears in their search results), SearchCatalyst experts run a keyword analysis tailored specifically to your business. With your set of keywords, the content on all of your site’s top level category pages* is then optimised to get maximum visibility for your business online.

* The top level category is the first level from which products or services are broken down. In a retail-clothing store, for example, one of the top level categories might include a page for the category ‘Dresses’. Lower level categorisation for Dresses might include Day Dresses, Evening and Party Dresses. Maxi Dresses, Knitted Dresses.

One payment of £2000 (+VAT)
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